Points Table of ICC T20 Cricket world cup 2014 team positions and standings for Semi Finalist teams. Chances for all teams Pakistan, West Indies, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka to qualify for ICC World T20 2014 Points Table viewing is required. World T20 2014 Points Table is updated below on daily basis.

T20 World Cup 2014 Points Table, Team Standings & Positions

The T20 World Cup 2014 is going on with full swing and only a few days are left for the Super 10 stage to end. The situation is getting pretty obvious for teams qualifying for the semifinals.

So, we have almost reached to the end of the Super 10 stage in the ICC World T20 2014. The semifinalists are just about to be finalized in a matter of next few games and we have had some of most enthralling T20I matches throughout the tournament. As for the points table, there is still a lot to happen in the groups and there can be quite a few possibilities for the teams to make it through to the semifinals of the event.

Group 1 of the Super 10 stage is still wide open and any of Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand and England can qualify for the semifinals. However, Sri Lanka and South Africa have a better chance for now having played 3 games each and winning 2 of them. If New Zealand wins the game against Netherlands then they will be better placed than South Africa on NRR.

England need to win both their remaining matches to keep them in contention for the semifinal. Right now they are placed 4th in their group with 2 points after playing two matches.

On the other hand, Group 2 seems to have closed as India have already qualified for the semifinal after winning 3 out of their 3 matches that have been played by them so far. It doesn’t matter whether they lose or win against Australia, they have already qualified.

Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh have to play 2 more matches but Pakistan are better placed than the other two with 2 points on the board and a win over Bangladesh will make it even better for them.

Finally it will come down to West Indies and Pakistan fixture as either of the two sides will accompany India from Group 2 to the semifinals. But if Bangladesh manage to pull off a couple of upsets in their remaining matches then the Group will change upside down and second qualifier might be different.

In group 1 it’s Sri Lanka and New Zealand who are at the top with 4 points and Sri Lanka are at the top due to better NRR. The weaker NRR places South Africa on the 3rd spot in the points table. Still any of Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England and South Africa can qualify for the semifinal.

South Africa have yet to play England but England also have 2 games left for them. So, it can be any team making it to the semifinals. But it will majorly be decided by two matches i.e. the match between England and South Africa and the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, we have one of the semifinalists from Group 2 as India are pretty much over the line with 3 victories out of 3 matches and Australia to play next.

If everything goes as expected, it’s going to be a playoff between Pakistan and West Indies and the side winning the match will make it to the semifinals, unless an upset is pulled off by Bangladesh. Both Australia and Bangladesh will have to win the remaining matches if they have to keep them in contention for the semifinals.

But if Australia beats Bangladesh and India, they will have to depend on the result of Pakistan vs Bangladesh and Pakistan vs West Indies match to see them through.

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